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SRS Canada Inc.
Name Brand Cosmetics & Perfumes Outlet


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Retail and Wholesale

We are giving 25% discount on all prepaid long distance phone cards just for our clients.

Name Brand Cosmetics and Perfume Outlet is having our Special Sale, and we want you to be here, for outstanding savings on everything in the store.

Beginning 1st November 2003 and Ending day after New Year 2004 eve, we will have huge discounts, up to 80% on items like these:

Perfumes, Cosmetics, Gift sets, Jewellery, Mens Dress Shirts gift pack (Shirt + Tie + Tie Clip) etc.

And not only will you save, but if you visit our store during the Special Sale, we'll also give you 25% discount on Long Distance PrePaid phone cards.

Mark your calendar now for the Christmas Sale:15 November 2003  - 26 December 2003. Also on New Year we will drop our prices further down.Come to the sale early, and don't forget to check our weekly sale, because our Weekly sale supplies are limited.

And there's no telling when we'll run out.








Non-Alcoholic Perfumes are also available.